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Processing a request to exempt practices, arrangements or contractual terms justified by common good from the provisions of Articles (5) and (6) of the Competition Law

Parties benefiting from service

Establishments wishing to obtain an exception from the Competition Law for practices justified by common good

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ Competition Directorate / exception and concentration section


The person concerned or a proxy should be present

Documents required


  • The form concerning exceptions, arrangements or contractual terms justified by common good is filled and filed with the Competition Directorate.
  • Documents are attached to the form in accordance on the nature of the exceptions and as deemed important by the concerned official
  • When the required data are completed, a notification is issued advising that.
  • Legal and economic studies are conducted to determine whether such exceptions are indispensable when it comes to common good.
  • The study and recommendations are forwarded to the minister to take the decision.
  • The minister builds his/her decision on the recommendations made by the director and their justifications; the minister is entitled to set a fix period for the exceptions or to subject them to periodical reviews, with the right to withdraw the exceptions in case the concerned establishment breaches the conditions of granting them.
  • The exceptions decision or a summary of it is published in the Official Gazette and is subject for contesting at the Administrative Court.
Partners in service delivery and their roles



No fees


90 days from the issuance of the notification stating the completion of the application

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