Services Guide

Cancellation of trademark

Parties benefiting from service

Owner of the trademark, companies and establishments owning trademarks and/or agent (lawyer) representing owners

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ Industrial Property Protection Directorate/ the section for follow-up on industrial property


The person or entity owning the trademark or their proxies/lawyers or agents of the trademark should be present

Documents required

  • Official ID card
  • A power of attorney duly certified (by the foreign and justice ministries) in the case of foreign companies
  • A petition to cancel the trademark is filed with the reception clerk.
  • Fees are paid to the ministry’s treasurer and a receipt of the payment is provided.
  • The application is transferred to the follow-up section to be examined by the legal researcher, or the head of the section in the presence of the person authorized to sign. Data are taken from the official ID.
  • The result is declared in writing via an official letter signed by the Registrar upon a recommendation by the head of the section.
  • The follow-up section makes the necessary changes to the database.
  • The letter is handed to the applicant.
  • The decision is announced in the Official Gazette if the owner of the trademark wishes.
Partners in service delivery and their roles


  • JD20 for the petition filing
  • JD50 for publishing in the Official Gazette in case that was the wish of the owner

7 days

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