Services Guide

Changing the name or address of industrial designs/models owners

Parties benefiting from service

Inventors and companies and establishments owning industrial designs/models and/or agents (lawyers) representing them

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ Industrial Property Protection Directorate/ the section for follow-up on industrial property rights


The person or entity owning the industrial designs/models or their proxies/lawyers or agents should be present

Documents required

  • A publication announcement
  • A document proving change in name or address
  • A duly certified special or general power of attorney (by foreign and justice ministries)
  • The application to make changes to the name or address of industrial designs/models is filed – it can also be obtained at our website and submitted to the reception clerk, who checks it against the form.
  • Fees for the modification and publication are paid.
  • The application is referred to the follow-up section for examination by the legal researcher, the head of the section or an official in the section.
  • The result is issued in an official letter signed by the Registrar of the head of the section.
  • The changes are entered into the system at the follow-up section.
  • The changes are published in the Official Gazette.
Partners in service delivery and their roles


  • JD10 for changing the name or address of the patent’s owner
  • JD50 for publication

7 days

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