Services Guide

Approving the establishment of a bakery

Parties benefiting from service

Individual and corporate investors

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ Reserves Directorate/ bakeries’ section/ all departments of industry and trade in governorates


The concerned person or their proxy should apply in person.

Documents required

  • Official ID card or a passport for non-Jordanians
  • A trade register, if applicable, for existing companies and individual enterprises that plan to expand their businesses and enter in the milling sector
  • An application to establish a bakery, stating the location and types of bread to be made, with all the required documents attached, is filled and submitted to the secretary of the bakery establishment committee.
  • An inspection of the bakery is carried out by the bakery inspection committee, which forwards its recommendation (approval or non-approval) to the central committee for bakery establishment.
  • The central committee makes its recommendations and after the Minister endorses them, the bakery owners’ association is notified via an official letter.
  • The applicant whose request is approved has a six-month deadline to establish the bakery.
  • The bakery owner is entitled to extend the mentioned deadline by another six months.
Partners in service delivery and their roles
  • Bakery owners association
  • Company Controller Directorate

No fees


2-6 months

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