Services Guide

Cancellation of a trade name

Parties benefiting from service

Merchants (individual and corporate establishments); charities and NGOs

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Trade Registration Section/ industry and trade departments in all governorates

  • The applicant should appear in person or send a proxy with a general or special power of attorney, whose original copy should be presented.
  • Partners should be present if the trade name is owned by a company, unless they are represented by a proxy via a letter of attorney or general or special power of attorney, whose original copy should be presented.
  • A quietus should be presented in case the purposes of company include import/export or in case it was a bakery.

Documents required

  • The official ID card or passport of the applicant
  • In case the concerned person is not present, their representative should present a general or special power of attorney.
  • In case the company in question is under liquidation, the liquidator should appear in person and present the liquidation document duly stamped by the Companies Controller Directorate.
  • The applicant takes a number from the machine (category A).
  • The form concerning modification of data in the commercial agents and intermediaries’ register is electronically filled by the trade registration clerk.
  • Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the trade registration clerk.
  • The trade registration clerk double-checks and signs the certificate and presents it to the applicant.
Partners in service delivery and their roles
  • The ministry’s Trade Directorate
  • The ministry’s Reserves Directorate
  • JD0.200 for stamps
  • In case there is a proxy, JD5 is charged for the general power of attorney and JD2 for the special power of attorney.
  • JD27 is charged in case a lawyer is the representative via a letter of attorney.

5-10 minutes for the entire process (starting the submission of the application)

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