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Modification of a trade name

Parties benefiting from service

Individual and corporate establishments, charities and NGOs

Where to apply

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies/ The Central Trade & Industrial Registration Directorate/ Trade Registration Section/ industry and trade departments in all governorates


Application should be submitted personally by the applicant or a person authorized by a general or special power of attorney; the original copy should be presented.

Documents required

  • In case of modifying the trade name of a company, the company’s registration certificate is required.
  • Official ID of the person concerned and the passport for non-Jordanians
  • A general or special power of attorney
  • The applicant takes a number from the machine (category B)
  • The trade registration clerk fills the form concerning modification of a trade name
  • Fees are paid to ministry’s treasurer and the receipt is presented to the trade registration clerk.
  • The head of the trade registration section double-checks and signs the certificate and presents it to the applicant.
  • Procedures of trade name’s ownership transfer:
  • In the presence of the seller and the buyer, the application of trade name’s ownership transfer is submitted and signed before the trade name Registrar or any one he authorizes to oversee the process.
  • The applicant is provided with the announcement template to announce the transfer in two local newspapers.
  • The application will remain pending until the applicant provides copies of the two local newspapers in which he published the announcement. The copies are saved in the application file, the transfer of ownership is recorded and the new owner is given a certificate proving his ownership of the trade name.
Partners in service delivery and their roles


  • JD5 for the modification of any of the following data, regardless of the number of changes made:
  • Modifying the trade name
  • Transfer of the trade name’s ownership
  • Changing the address of the trade name’s owner
  • Modifying the purposes of the trade name
  • In case a representative is present, JD5 is paid as fees for the general power of attorney and JD2 for the special power of attorney.
  • JD27 for the letter of attorney in case the representative was a lawyer.
  • 0.003 of the value of the sale contract in case of ownership transfer

20-40 minutes for the entire process (starting the submission of the application)

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