The award seeks to ensure that the public sector’s duties and tasks are performed perfectly and with high levels of quality, efficiency and professionalism, aims to provide guideline reference and standard basics to measure the progress and development in the performance of ministries and government organizations, targets to promote the exchange of experiences between the public sector institutions and to share success stories among them about successful management practices.

The aim of the ideal employee award is to encourage positive competition between employees from different functional groups so as to form a state of creativity and to upgrade the performance of different governmental ministries and institutions.  The ideal employee is characterized by his/her knowledge, behavior, performance, information search, idealism in  thinking and work; where his/her excellence is judged through his/her results and achievements; belief in team work, and continuous development and change in the manner of implementation of his/her work

The award targets activating competition among the civil service bodies, stimulating the outstanding effort, increasing performance, and accelerating the progress of the qualified personnel in order to promote the job hierarchy through a system of standards and mechanisms.


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