About the Ministry

The first independent ministry of industry and Trade was established in the reign of His Majesty the Late King Talal bin Abdullah, may Allah rest his soul, on 30/ 01/ 1952. Since its establishment, the Ministray has been designated by different names such as: (Trade; Economy and Trade; Economy, Construction and Development; Economy; Trade, Construction and Development, the National Economy). Since 1975, it has been called by its current name "Ministry of Industry and Trade". During this period, there was diversity in the powers, functions, and the organizational structure. Several independent ministries and institutions have emerged from it. In 1998, the Ministry of Supply was cancelled and its tasks were transfered to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In order to face the updates in local and global prices, as well as to enhance consumer protection hub, the supply hub was added to the ministry in  2013 to become the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, and operating pursuant to the Industry and Trade Law No. (18) of 1998, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade Regulation System No. (94) of 1998.


To contribute to building and enhancing national, competitive, global, and diverse economy in partnership with the private sector to raise citizens' standard of living.


To enhance investment and business environment, so it becomes more competitive through the development of economic policies and legislations in order to ensure protection for both consumers and business sectors.

Core values

  • Excellent service
  • Team spirit
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Positive involvement.
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Respect for rights


Ministry's national objectives:

  • Develop Jordan's economy so that it becomes prosperous and open to global markets.
  • Enable the national economy in order to cope with the annual growing flow of Jordanian labour.
  • Enhance supply dimension in food security and Consumer Protection Policies, as well as ensure the quality and availability of goods in markets at proper prices.
  • Enhance government management to be financially stable, transparent and accountable.

Strategic objectives:

  • Grow and develop the national industry and increase its competitiveness.
  • Develop and enhance foreign trade development policies of goods and services.
  • Regulate and control internal and external trade.
  • Protect the rights of the insured as well as regulate, supervise and control the insurance sector.
  • Control markets and consumer protection.
  • Provide strategic inventory of essential commodities.
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry's human and financial service resources. 
  • Enhance integrity and enforce anti-corruption system.



 Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply implements its functions through (twenty-three governorate) located in the Ministry Center. And due to the Ministry's keenness to provide citizens with services easily and smoothly, it resorted to open affiliate centres in all governorates of the Kingdom, where (50) fodder centers belong to it in different governorates. The Ministry endeavors to accomplish some of its tasks through its associated institutions, namely:

Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM):

Its main function is represented in playing the proactive and active role in the protection of human health and safety, human rights and environment, and promotion of confidence in market services and products.

 Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO):

Its main task is to enable Jordanian companies and projects develop and grow locally, and promote their products in international markets.

Companies Control Department

Its main task is to provide registration services and implement effective control tools in order to ensure and activate companies’ governance principles, as well as provide safe and growing investment environment to take part in the development of the national economy.

Civil Service consumer Corporation:

Its main work is to find balance and stability in prices and quantities with high-quality foodstuffs.


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