Institutional Reform directorate
About the Directorate

Knowledge & Organizational Performance Development Directorate was established in July 2006 as a result of mergence of knowledge management directorate and planning directorate, this is came from the Ministry Of Industry and Trade's belief in institutionalization of the workflow through continuous innovation and development, which would reflect positively upon the administrative reform. This is achieved through identifying difficulties and problems attempting to eliminate conflict of procedures between the different directorates.

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade participated in the King Abdullah II Award for excellence of governmental performance, where the Ministry ranked first amongst all the other Ministries.

 The Directorate of Knowledge Management currently works on spreading the culture of knowledge between its employees and on different administrative levels. This is executed through an extensive strategy that helps the Ministry of Industry and Trade in: identifying its current status; and scoping its future directions with means to achieving these goals. Through applying and maintaining this strategy, the Directorate aims at measuring progress and achieved results.

 The departments of the Knowledge Management Directorate are:
  • Knowledge Management Department.
  • Planning and Assessment Department.
  • Excellence and Quality Adminestration Department.
  • Improving Governmental Services Department.

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