Human Resources Directorate
About Directorate :

Action Personnel began to function as the Directorate of Administrative Affairs, especially the work was limited to matters pertaining to employees only, and in 1998 became a full Directorate consists of two parts depending on the quality of personnel in the ministry, namely:

  • The budget staff Section
  • Trading account Staff section
  1.  For Action development
  2. sections have been modified according to duties itself rather than the staff
  3. so those previous sections have been cancelled and the creation of the following three sections:
  • Formations Section
  • Files section
  • Follow-up and Coordination Section

 According to the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence standards, and in 2005 and in line with the organization and management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade ,  the system  restructured the Directorate to move from the concept of personnel to the concept of human resources Directorate and the development of human resources in relation to the human element, which are the most precious resource in management and the most influential in productivity at all. Human resources can contribute strongly to the achievement of the objectives of the ministry, here came the importance of seeing the Directorate as a strategic partner for senior management to take any administrative decision.

Directorate objectives:

Advance planning for workforce optimization and employment through the adoption of best practices, and the application of training and development programs for staff and finding their performance and reward on the principle of merit.


Directorate plays an active and positive role in the development of human resources and supplement the ministry with qualified staff in the time required.


Make the best investment of human resources through a transparent and fair instructions without conflicting with the laws and regulations in force.

Directorate Departments:
  • Planning Department: This department concerned with the tasks and duties of the following:
  1. contribute to the prediction of human resources requirements in coordination with the Human Resources Management Division.
  2. Contribute to the preparation employment plan in coordination with the Human Resources Management Division.
  3. Analysis of the needs of employees with the aim of planning and finding appropriate programs for career welfare care.
  4. continue to update the organizational structure of the Ministry's directorates and job descriptions of its functions according to the new work requirements and make sure they reflect the institutional goals and strategies, and to provide these employees job descriptions when making any amendment thereto.
  5. Follow-up to the implementation of plans and replacing planning programs  in coordination with the Planning , the coordination and follow-up Commission .
  6. Follow-up to complaints and suggestions in coordination with the Commission and other relevant departments in the Directorate and the Directorate of knowledge and the development of institutional performance.
  7. Follow-up survey work environment periodically and follow the work of welfare programs and staff retention and measure their satisfaction.
  8. develop methodologies for the section .
  • Human Resources Management Department : This department is concerned with the tasks and duties of the following:
  1. The application of the provisions of the civil service system and the regulations and the legislation in force.
  2. predict the needs of human resources and appreciation of the reality of the strategic plan , operational plans and employees' data
  3. Find and attract the required cadres from other departments to meet emergency needs.
  4. Preparation of employment based on the actual needs of the plan.
  5. provide stakeholders with the necessary information to take the decision and
  6. implementation of the decisions adopted in that regard.
  7. Ensure all staff received new employees their job description and guide the
  8. employee in coordination with the planning department.
  9. developing and applying  of methodologies and instructions recruitment and hiring.
  10. Follow-up to the trial period for new employees .
  11. make transfer, secondment , mandate , termination , retirement and resignation procedures.
  • Accounting salaries and Formation Department: This department is concerned with the tasks and duties of the following:

  1. Prepare formations tables in coordination with the General Budget Department.
  2. The issuance of patents and auditing configurations and annual increases for employees.
  3. Follow-up and audit the monthly deductions and penalties reflected on the employee's salary
  4. Follow-up the development and application of rewards and incentives methodology in coordination with the Special Committee to do so.
  5. check the compensation paid to employees who terminated their services.
  6. promotion and promotion procedures.
  7. Amendment staff procedures and conditions of their subjects displayed on the relevant committees.
  8. follow all the procedures related to vacancies (replace, merge, make, cancel.)
  9. Follow-up the renewal of staff contracts.
  10. Follow-up employees leave without pay.
  11. Application of financial guarantees in accordance with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance regulations.
  • Training and Development Department: This department concerned with the tasks and duties of the following:

  1. Address the training institutions to get the proper training offers.
  2. Assessment of training centers and programs they offer.
  3. Prepare the training plan based on the actual needs and the implementation of its programs.
  4. Measure the extent of benefit from implementing training programs.
  5. Setup to hold training programs internally.
  6.  Follow-up to the development and implementation of training methodology and the plans for it.
  7. Implementation special career plans for replacement training programs in coordination with the planning department.
  8. Forecasting training needs in accordance with the performance evaluation or job description or other outputs.
  • Evaluation Department: This department deals with the tasks and duties of the following:

  1. Follow-up to develop and implement a methodology to evaluate the performance of staff to identify seminal achievable goals, and record this performance, and its implementation in all its aspects.
  2. Activate the evaluation and development process to be more objective by achieving the goals set for them
  3. Know on the success of the evaluation process, such as the predetermination of the objectives of the ministry and organizational units of the requirements.
  4. Awareness immediate superiors and enable them to develop the organizational unit level executive programs, and punctuality of time specified for each stage of the evaluation process to ensure the implementation of this process as required.
  5. Coordinate with the relevant committees, as well as the Civil Service Bureau to determine the output of the performance appraisal process
  6. Evaluate the results of the work of the Directorate.
  7. Evaluating and calculating retiree services and build a database so until demand.
  • follow-up Department: This department is concerned with the following tasks:

  1. Follow-up staff leave except leave without pay ; control of working hours and submit reports so.
  2. Participation with commissions of inquiry and follow up on the recommendations of the committees.
  3. Follow-up Report staff required court hearings in which witnesses or other.
  4. Follow-up version staff cards of various kinds.
  5. Managing and archiving personnel files, and save the daily mail.
  6. Enter all the necessary data for employees before saving them in the files.
  7. Applying Disciplinary proceedings concerning employees' work.

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