Industrial Development
The Directorate Works on Executing the Following Duties:
  • Adoption of a national industrial policy and working with the National Committee for Industrial Development on implementing this policy and monitoring its effectiveness.
  • Providing technical support in areas of product development, marketing, technology, HR management, etc.
  • Monitoring industrial capacity building foreign aid programs, planning and organizing specialized training programs to enhance competitiveness among SME’s.
  • Introducing the Concept of Comprehensive Quality Management and Quality Performance.
  • Identifying and analyzing all challenges and difficulties facing the Jordanian Industry as well as helping the Industrial Sector in facing those challenges.
  • Working towards increasing the domestic product levels in the Jordanian Industries.
  • Promoting for partnerships and Qualify the industrial Zones and Products and show the importance of these zones.
  • Studying and resolving issues related to the Rules of Origin.
  • Participation in committees specializing in Industry and Environment.
  • Participating in the preparation of the Directorate’s operational plans and progress reports.
  • Continuous development of the Department’s Standard Operational Procedures.
  • Coordination with the Ministry’s different directorates to help implement the Department’s current and future tasks and activities.

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