Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply

Inventory Management Directorate

About the Directorate:

The Directorate supervises transport and distribution of food supplies process represented in wheat, barley and fodders to all warehouses and supply complexes, in addition to supplying mills with their needs of wheat and controlling their production.

The Directorate also supervises bran distribution process to fodder distribution centers , monitors and supervises bakeries work, and disburses subsidies differences for stone bakeries.


Distinctive Directorate that assumes tasks of strategic inventory provision of basic goods (wheat, barley) and fodder supplies to all warehouses , supply and fodder complexes, in addition to supervising their transport and distribution to all concerned parties.

 Tasks and Objectives:

  • Supervising the process of storing imported grains for the Ministry within the supply complexes belonging to Jordan Silos and Supply General Company.
  • Supervising the process of transport and distribution of wheat, barley and fodder supplies , to all warehouses and supply complexes.
  • Following -up on the kingdom’s strategic inventory of wheat and barley, as well as the commitment to Prime Ministry's decisions to provide wheat for six months in warehouses and four contracted months; whereas, to provide barely for four months in warehouses and two contracted months; in addition to maintaining their safety.
  • Following-up on the availability of vacancies in the supply complexes and their compatibility with the contracted and imported quantities.
  • Providing mills with their needs of wheat, as instructed by the Ministry, and controlling their production.
  • Supervising bagged barely and bran selling process to livestock breeders according to statements issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Controlling and supervising bakeries’ work by supplying them with subsidized and free flour, as well as monitoring their work through field visits to determine their compliance with their assigned amounts.



  1. Storage Department:
  • Secures mills with wheat in order to provide bakeries with flour.
  • Monitors wheat and barley transport from Aqaba to complexes, and follow up on the arrival of trucks loaded with food supplies to the required centers and ensure their storage.
  • Preserves the safety of inventory from insecticide, by submitting a bid proposal to buy the required amount of sterile substances.


  1. Mills Department:
  • Grants mill licenses.
  • Monitors work of packaging companies in which wheat is included in their production by supervising and auditing exported quantities.
  • Secures bran due to the Ministry from mills, and secure their arrival to fodder centers.
  • Supervises wheat-emptying process in all operating mills.


  1. Fodder Accounting Department:
  • Ensures fodder supply arrival to fodder centers until delivered to holdings owners.
  • Follow up on companies importing live livestock, by controlling livestock collection processes that are received for companies’ benefit, and ascertain actual numbers entering the kingdom of the mentioned numbers in the submitted application.
  • Regulates livestock import process.
  1. Bakeries Department:
  • Supervises bakeries provision of bread to citizens.
  • Supervises and regulates bakeries establishment process by receiving and considering applications, conducting field inspections, and presenting it the applications to the competent committee for approval or rejection.
  • Balancing of subsidies provided to stone bakeries according to their monthly withdrawals.


  1. Studies Department:
  • studies and consults decisions and instructions, and prepare plans relating to the Directorate.
  • Consults on monthly decisions issued by Directorate’s division, as well as reviewing instructions governing food supplies.
  • Reviews instructions relating to internal and external transport operator.
  • Studies Feasibility Study submitted to the Directorate regarding  establishing bakeries, mills and packing companies


Director in charge: Atef Alawneh

Extension: 233

Director number: 065629064

Mobile: 0790067370



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